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2006 AAOE Summit Meeting Photos

AAOE Officers at the Summit: Susan Rose, DO, Immediate Past President; Tim Kowalski, DO, President; and Gary Clark, Executive Director. Federation of State Medical Boards' Deputy Director, Dale Austin, presented information on disaster preparedness and the future of osteopathic physician licensure. Tom Pickard, DO, of the Oklahoma Board of Osteopathic Examiners, gave a presentation concerning professionalism in osteopathic medicine.
John Gimpel, DO, of the NBOME, provided valuable information regarding ADA considerations in medical licensure. AOA Board Member Phillip Accardo, DO, and FSMB Chair-Elect Bill McCord, DO, listening to the Summit presentations. Janet Carson, JD, of the NBME, gives an update on the NBME lawsuit as Dr. Gimpel and Dr. Ranieri look on.

Kim Edward LeBlanc, MD, President of the Louisiana State Board of Medicine, addressed issues of disaster preparedness with specific regard to Hurricane Katrina.

Frederick Meoli, DO, President and CEO of the NBOME, served as moderator for the session on ADA Considerations in Medical Licensure Testing. Peter Adler-Michaelson, DO, Director, Osteopathic International Alliance, provided an update on international licensure of US-trained osteopathic physicians.
Two speakers from the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine, Martin Crane, MD, President, and Nancy Achin Audesse, Executive Director, listen to presentations during Saturday's
  John Crosby, JD, AOA Executive Director, and newly-elected President Timothy Kowalski, DO, at the reception following Saturday's meeting.
Susan Rose, DO, AAOE Immediate Past President, and John Crosby, JD, AOA Executive Director, at Saturday's Reception. Past President Rose and R. Russell Thomas, DO, at the reception on Saturday.